[Es2] ES2 trainee options

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
Sat Oct 21 17:25:03 EDT 2006

My rev's are considerably higher I'm sure.

My 5th is 1.040
My 6th is 0.889

But the biggie is the final ratio at 4.86.

I don't have a working speedo in the 90, so I can't 	quote rev's/mph. I will
try and do the ES2 when I get it back on the road in the Spring.

M.Wetzel's Racing Products LLC

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Oh sure, refer to the useful webpage...     ;-)

I have to find out what tranny I have then.  The PO told me CQ but I
must have something else.

David Kase
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Matt twentyV wrote:

>4K @80mph is indeed correct for a stock cq
>transmission.  Sedan will be a bit lower.  The cq 5th
>gear is 0.84:1, the sedan is 0.77:1 per specs page on
>There is some info on 01E transmission ratios
>(including UrS4/S6 with ratio of 0.73:1) here:
>We have an UrS6, it runs 3200RPM @ 80 IIRC.
>As for fitment, someone like Bilzcat would be more
>--- David Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com> wrote:
>>4k a 80mph in 5th????
>>My car has a CQ tranny and is running around 3k at
>>David Kase
>>Engineering Manager
>>PDQ Industries
>>717-656-8749 (f)
>>>Hi everyone, finally finished my ES2, I did use
>>coupe trainee, now my ANN engine revs 4K at 80 mph,
>>did anyone knows vat is needed to install S6 trainee
>>in CQ thanks a lot jk
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