[Es2] Battery relocation advice

Bluemaxww1 at aol.com Bluemaxww1 at aol.com
Fri Sep 8 02:05:58 EDT 2006

I haven't done this yet, but who says it has to go on the drivers side of  
the rear seat.  Why not the passengers's side.  Now, the UrS4/6 is not  a true 
box per se, but it is on the passengers side.  Besides the fuel  lines and fuel 
filter underneath the drivers side, you do have the rear diff  lock vaccuum 
device under the drivers side rear seat.
If you are going to make a battery box anyway, what is wrong with the  
passengers' side.  Besides this might balance out the driver a little for  weight 
distribution.  And there is nothing in the way.
If you do put it under the rear seat, you may want to run a positive line  to 
a post under the hood, ala UrS4/6.
Just my 2 pence.
Greg W.
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mike at nittigritti.com writes:

Hi  All,

I'm in the middle of the eS2 conversion of my 1990 CQ and thought  I'd  
go "all the way" with the suggestions I've read and relocate  the  
battery to the area under the rear seat.

I'll be doing  this without the benefit of a 200 TQ to study or its  
battery box,  but will try and cut one out of whatever I can find in  
the scrap  yard.

A study of the area where the battery will go finds the fuel  lines  
and filter to be in the way.  Moving the lines will need  to be done  
(UGHHH!), but it looks do-able.

I Googled every  which way I could think of, but did not find any BTDT   

Anyone on this list tackle this part of the eS2 conversion?  Any  
advice on moving the fuel lines?


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