[Es2] Do I want an Optima?

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
Mon Sep 18 17:23:55 EDT 2006

I've had good luck with mine. I've got them in the rally cars and they work
great. I've also used Sears and NAPA(Optima style) and they also work pretty
well. But just like you, when I have one in a car that sits too long, they
go bad quickly no matter what brand.

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The optima batteries dont have vents so you dont have to worry about
that, they are completely sealed. If you keep your voltage under 15v
they will not gas, however there is a safety that will allow gasses to
escape if you exceed 17+- volts. They are AGM (absorbed glass matt)
batteries, and honestly i havent had stellar luck with them. I havent
gotten more than a year out of the 3 Ive had. In all fairness they
werent daily drivers and sat for long periods but that was their selling
point, so it should have been fine.

Kneale Brownson wrote:
> You want a vented battery in the back seat mounting area unless it is a
> completely sealed unit (do the gel-types "breath"?).   As I understand it,
> Optima is no different than other lead/acid batteries except it has
> features to let it survive tough heat and vibration exposures, neither of
> which should apply to the inside of a sedan driven on normal roads.  I
> remember something from a past search of Optima's website material on
> safety that their battery can produce some sort of fume when overcharged
> and a warning somewhere there that hydrogen gas is flammable, so the
> battery should not be exposed to sparking.
> At 03:51 PM 9/17/2006 -0400, Dave Kase wrote:
>> I was getting ready to buy an Optima Red Top for my e//S2 and was told I
>> might not be doing the right thing.
>> The battery is currently in the trunk area and I will be relocating to
>> under the rear seat in a stock S2 battery box.  I figured an Optima
>> would be the right choice as it is a vent-free battery and the battery
>> will be in the passenger compartment.
>> I went to pick one up at Advance Auto and the store employee told me
>> that I should have a vented battery.  She said that a vented battery
>> would exhaust the fumes outside the car.  If I had an Optima I might
>> exhaust any fumes inside the car - not good.
>> OK, OK, I know...it was a discount auto parts joint with a likely
>> less-than-pro clerk, but it did make me think.
>> Do I need an Optima? (I guess not since the stock S2 battery was vented
>> - the vent hose in still in the box I bought)
>> Do I even want an Optima?
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