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Dave Hord dhord at rogers.blackberry.net
Thu Aug 2 00:53:30 EDT 2007

You guys really need to check out the percy's lexan product. 

I have cleaned overspray off them with steel-wool, and no scratches. 


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Ditto; it's legal for example in PCA club racing but almost no one uses
it since it is only good for a few outings.  Just doesn't last and is
toast the first time you use the wipers.  

> Lexan is not a very good choice for a windshield.  While it 
> is extremely 
> durable, it scratches VERY easily.  Hence the use of tear 
> away shields 
> on helmuts, etc. that use lexan lenses. Running windshield 
> wipers over 
> it with any dirt at all will quickly etch it,

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