[Es2] AAN belt-driven fan

lschip at speakeasy.net lschip at speakeasy.net
Wed Jan 3 13:59:28 EST 2007

To anyone who has done an AAN conversion:
1. How do you remove the pulley/clutch for the
serpentine belt fan? It seems to be pressed on, but
I don't see a way to pull it off.
2. Can you use the AAN hydaulic pump with the CQ
Or will a CQ pump fit into the stock AAN location
with the AAN serpentine pulley?

I do have a Bentley CD for the S6, but it isn't
working on my computer yet (don't get me started). 

'90 CQ needing some power
'97 S6 donor (patched together for some steamboat fun)

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