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The story you got is about right. I have a friend at the dealer here and he
said they hate ordering glass because they get maybe only 33% that aren't
broken. They've gone to using a local glass shop instead since it's cheaper.

I've ordered them myself and I got one that was smashed, but it was clearly
not packed right. In any event NO common carrier (ie: UPS FedEx) will insure
glass. I found this out the hard way. I had it insured but they just said
they shouldn't have done it and basically cancelled it. They also excluded
it due to the horrible packing.

I did get a pair from another source that were shipped freight, but freight
won't go to a residence. They came in a huge windshield carrier and I needed
the forklift to get it off the truck. The driver was none too helpful. They
arrived in great shape. That did cost some, but I needed one and I bent

That said, I do have a windshield and a rolling chassis for that matter. I
actually had the motor sold, but the guy hasn't come through so... But then,
you're way down there and I'm way up here. For about $10-20 I can have my
guy remove the glass, but then it would have to be shipped. Or if you really
want a whole car, then what?

I'm open for suggestions.


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Well, I guess it was bound to happen - driving home from some testing the
other day, a rock popped-up and cracked my unobtainium CQ windshield. Does
anybody have a line on one? Does anybody have a line on a clean body shell
or rolling chassis with a windshield in place?
The story that I'm getting from my stealership is that they could order a
new windshield from Germany, but if it shows-up broken (this happens fairly
often, I'm told), then too bad - I can't get my money back. Apparently, they
have never heard about insurance.
Anyway, any leads would be appreciated. Here I am on the verge of having a
finished car and I can't even go to an HPDE, because my windshield won't
pass tech inspection. D'oh.
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