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Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
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The dealer price and availability varies by moonphase and precipitation
forecast. They at one point were readily available and around $320 then they
went up to $450 with limited availability. They went as high as $1103 with
nearly no availability. They dropped to the $600 range and the last I
checked they were around $340 with spotty availability. As of Jan 1 my local
source no longer can get Audi parts since he's a VW dealer but he still
feeds me pricing. 

But note! They may have listings and pricing but I would get calls a day
after ordering and promising someone one, that they were not
available...oops sorry. I spoke with the regional manager for PPG and he had
three for me. Supposedly one broke, they lost one and he wouldn't try to
ship the last one since it was in a mid-west warehouse. Oops, sorry.

I take anyone's assertion that a part is available till they order it and
get delivery of it. Sorry for the cynicism, but I deal in enough parts to
have run into it a lot.


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Hmmm, I was just talking to a shop owner and he told me (two days ago) 
that '90-'91 CQ windshields are now available again and relatively cheap 
from the dealer.  He should know as he had a CQ there in the shop that 
would be getting one.

If you like I can have him check into it tomorrow.


Jimmy Pribble wrote:
> Well, I guess it was bound to happen - driving home from some testing the
> other day, a rock popped-up and cracked my unobtainium CQ windshield. Does
> anybody have a line on one? Does anybody have a line on a clean body shell
> or rolling chassis with a windshield in place?
> The story that I'm getting from my stealership is that they could order a
> new windshield from Germany, but if it shows-up broken (this happens
> often, I'm told), then too bad - I can't get my money back. Apparently,
> have never heard about insurance.
> Anyway, any leads would be appreciated. Here I am on the verge of having a
> finished car and I can't even go to an HPDE, because my windshield won't
> pass tech inspection. D'oh.
> Jimmy 
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