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Dave Hord dhord at rogers.blackberry.net
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As a windshield, it sucks...but for the most awesome scratch-proof side lexan, check out the product by "Percy's". 


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Lexan is not a very good choice for a windshield.  While it is extremely 
durable, it scratches VERY easily.  Hence the use of tear away shields 
on helmuts, etc. that use lexan lenses. Running windshield wipers over 
it with any dirt at all will quickly etch it, and AFAIK, you really 
can't polish it.  When I asked a shop that build racecars why you 
wouldn't use Lexan, that was one of the top reasons that they wouldn't 
do it even if they were allowed to.  Other reasons not to use it is that 
it flexs and distorts, and is difficult to fasten and therefore 
difficult to change quickly in race.


Mark Siggelkow wrote:
> You can have a Lexan windshield in NASA, both HPDE and most of the racing
> classes.
> I¹m very interested in seeing the Lexan hatch pics...
> Mark
> On 7/27/07 10:22 AM, "Jimmy Pribble" <Jimmy at texasbankers.com> wrote:
>> That's an excellent question. If I didn't harbor a dream of actually competing
>> in this car, then I would just make one out of Lexan. The problem is that
>> there are very few sanctioning bodies that allow a Lexan windshield. As far as
>> I can tell SCCA, NASA, and Rally America all require glass windshields. As a
>> data point, I think that FIA requires glass for WRC, too. I did notice that
>> World Challenge cars can have Lexan windshields, but uh...I don't have any
>> plans to compete with them. ;-)
>> The reality is that I still don't really know what I will do with my car. Most
>> likely it will just be used for HPDE and RallyCross. But as unlikely as it may
>> be, I still have a dream to do some stage rally someday and I will need a
>> glass windshield to do it.
>> Since we are on the subject, we just finished installing the Lexan hatch
>> "glass" on Wednesday. I'll take pictures and post them up. It came out pretty
>> good.
>> Jimmy
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>>> Hey  Jimmy,
>>> Isn't your car "track only"? Why not get one made out of Lexan?  That's my
>>> plan when mine gets too chipped, or cracks.
>>> Mark 
>>> (RSCoupe  on Motorgeek)
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