[Es2] rear 5-bolt hubs

Martin Trombley martintrombley at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 09:25:01 EDT 2007

I'm doing this right now, -Any B5 quattro A4 or S4 rear hubs will work. 75mm bearings FYI. I have UrS4 fronts and (B5q)S4 rears in the mail as we speak.

-Let me know how you tackle the rotor issue... I have 996 monoblock's + (4) RS2 carriers. I'm putting these on both the front and rear and I'm trying to work out which rotors to go with. Nothing fits perfectly, so I'm trying to get as close as possible and then shim, and machine or something. 
I'm looking at the 280mm A8 rears which have a slightly large offset (+2.5mm or something), and the rotor is small compared to the stock (996) 300mm. This seems to be as close as I can get...

if anyone knows of anything I'd need a 5 x 112 rotor with 300mm X 22mm(IIRC) and an offset of 39.7mm.
HTH, and sorry for the hijack but q's answered isn't it(?)


Peter Schulz <pcschulz at comcast.net> wrote: Rick:


Josh has done it...albeit with a wider rear track...

At 06:11 PM 3/13/2007 -0500, Rick Houck wrote:
>I seem to remember that someone found a front A4 hub that will work on the
>rear of a coupe conversion (something like a 1999 A4 non-quattro V6??).
>Anyone remember which one it was, or even better, tried them? Thanks.
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