[Es2] e//S2 in need of help

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Sat Mar 17 13:36:29 EDT 2007

Well, the e//S2 stopped running on Thursday.

I was driving normally and it just shut off.  All the dash lights lit so 
it was not a complete electrical failure.

I thought it was the fuel pump but after some troubleshooting I found 
the fuel pump works.

Then I thought the relay may be shot.  When I went to remove the relay 
the relay cover came off.  Upon trying to remove the rest of the relay I 
bumped the contacts and the fuel pump came to life.

So I tried another relay but the new relay still did not allow the 
contacts to close.  So, I have a signal problem to the relay - uh oh...

I tried to start the car but holding down the contacts allowing the fuel 
pump to run.  Still no start.

I pulled a coil (1.8t conversion) and found I was not getting spark 
either.  Again, likely a signal problem.

So, in looking at the electrical diagram I figure the ECU is ether not 
getting a proper signal into it or the ECU has sh*t the bed.

Any suggestions as to where to go next?  Remember, this is a conversion 
so a bad signal is easily a possibility as I did find some 
less-than-optimal connections during my ignition problem last year.

Can I have my ECU tested somewhere?  Do the ECU's die on the '92 S4's 
(engine source)?

Dave Kase

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