[Es2] determining the value of the e//S2 :VSMail mx3

Martin Trombley martintrombley at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 11:22:34 EDT 2007

I'm no expert,
but IMO it seems that you could insure an item for whatever value you want. You pay the premium after all. A piece of art is the closest analog I can think of, the thing is you'd probably need an Itemized list of components/prices if you were expecting repairs or reimbursement on a damaged, but not totaled (vehicle). 

- I imagine this might also put it into a different insurance category, and that being the case, I'm not sure how they would tack on liability insurance etc... 
Just some thoughts... An agent must be able to provide some insight, I'm sure it's not the 1st time it's come up... is it!

Jason Kohls <jasonkohls at gmail.com> wrote: On 5/9/07, Marc Perez  wrote:
> Jimmy's point of getting a insurance
> policy that is not beholden to the Blue Book is most
> important to the owners of converted Coupes.

And for those shopping around for modified CQ/es2 insurance, what
would you call this type of policy/policy option?
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