[Es2] small little update with me

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Mon May 14 22:51:18 EDT 2007

Hi guys.

So life's been interesting lately.    After about a month of debating things I've decided to push hard with working on the cars again.   Basically  work 10 hours a day, eat, sleep and work on cars the rest of the night now for a living( no real social life, but it's ok cause i'm kinda tired of my close friends).    I have to admit my current schedule makes the day go by alot faster.  I'm kinda overwelmed with life, but the truth is the way I look at, If I can handle what I want to do now then flipping houses in a year or two should be a piece of cake. So   I figure I have a few months to get things going with the two cars I own.   I pulled the ABY s2 engine and harness from the coupe quattro this past coupe of days and everything else that I could while I was at it.  Alot of stuff still has to come out but I'm leaving it for now while I figure out mounts and all that of the ABZ A8 4.2L engine that I picked up.    The engine actually was mounted in the coupe today.    I was going to stick it in the 1994 90 quattro that I owned but determined that my best options are to take as many OEM parts as possible and stick them in the Sedan and build a "ES2 sedan" and sell it.    The sedan's in really nice shape and when I'm done it will be in extremly nice shape.   Overall things are going very very well.    What's nice about the sedan too is that alot of the parts I'm using to make it S2 spec are parts that are located here in the states.     A4 rear hubs and rotors, S4 biturbo rear sway bar, S4 biturbo exhaust yadda yadda.. It  makes life super easy and reasonably priced too.   I've been looking at the 90 harness too and it looks like it's a direct swap for the engine harness.   Again I love it.    My intentions are to sell the sedan but in the grand scheme of things Unlike all the bull crap i've have dealt with the coupe quattro there is some what allmost little to no headaches.   Which means I'm going to be alot more comfortable selling it and asking a reasonably price for it.  Somewhere around 15,000 probably.    If things go well I should have the engine in tomorrow night so that I can start mocking up engine mounts.   LIfe is super easy too now that the coupe quattro engine bay is empty (random thought I should of waited before i stuck the v8 in the coupe today,but it's only in there temporarily).    Since the coupe quattro engine bay has a factory 5 cylinder mount setup I'm just making Jig setups off it and transfering it over to the sedan so i know exactly where mounting point have to be located.   For instance I made a jig out of medium density fiberboard that mounts to the front crossmember and lower radiator mount in the coupe.  I mounted that in the sedan now and now I know exactly where to mount the lower radiator mount.  ( I probably will keep the jig setups too if I ever do another 5 cylinder swap into a v6 sedan.  

Anyways.   By the end of the summer there will be a OEM+ S2 spec 1994 silver sedan with black leather interior forsale.   The v8 swap is going to go slowly but that's ok cause it's going to get done right.   I don't care if it takes two years(4 years etc) to do the v8 swap.  It's going to be done right and without any headaches when i'm done which means alot of work but now that I've got a garage space.  That's not a problem.   This being said, life going to be interesting around the family when the little leonti pops out in november.  My younger sister is pregnant and as much as her boyfriend I suspect will be a good father figure,  I think I've got alot of baby sitting duties coming in my future.   

Josh leonti.

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