[Es2] How to keep polished aluminum

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It's OK - I did not take offense to Bretts comment.
Wish I had the time and resource to do a proper powder coat, bead blast, whatever, but
this build has proved to be enourmously expensive as is - euro. Six speed  trans has
proved to be a nightmare getting all the parts: linkage, axles, driveshaft, mounts, etc.
all not standard and mostly expen$ive and available only from Europe.  
Engine went from being stock low miles AAN to using that head with port and polish and
seriously built bottom end based on seasoned 3B block that required even more machining
to work with the AAN timing belt/waterpump  and ancilliaries - more time and expense.
RS2 turbo I had procured earlier needed a $400+ rebuild.  Dashboard is torn out of the
car to facilitate AAN harnes install.  I could go on and on,  and pan to once I get all
the documenation together upon completion.
It all could look better, shinier with all poweder-coated items, but sensible power and
functional before dumping extra money and time into the shiny - it will look good
Regarding the shine on the polished manifold - it looks pretty good polished IMO, and I
plan to use 
as suggested by brian larson.  Should help with wheels too.  If I had to do expensive
bead-blasting and compte refinish on the mirad of wheels and other things on all my cars
it would get rediculous - more than it already is.


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I was going to say that this list has ALWAYS been about providing advice based upon
useful knowledge of it's members, NOT to interject personal tastes as the ONLY way
to do things. 

Your post would have been much more in the spirit of this list if you simply provided
bead blasting would result in this type of finish, polish would result in...and
sandpaper would
result in yadda, yadda. 

Instead, you decided to publicly slam one of our long standing and well liked list

Where I work (a theraputic boarding school) such an action would be met with an action,
a sanction, if you will.

I wonder what sanctions are availible for this list?


On 8/17/08, Brett Dikeman <quattro at frank.mercea.net> wrote: 

On Aug 17, 2008, at 9:19 AM, jesper moreau wrote:

>>> Is it better for me to leave the polished aluminum intake manifold
>> without
>>> a coating, or
>>> clear laquer/metal flake finish for protection.
>>> I do not have the time to get into anodizing or special coatings
>>> unless
>>> one is available
>>> off the shelf from FLAPS, etc.
>>> Manifold is the RS2 with PORSCHE engraving.

Please tell me you didn't polish the cast aluminum to be mirror-
like...nothing looks gaudier to me. Ugh!

Media-blast, people!  Back AWAY from the sandpaper...


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