[Es2] knock, knock,. anyone home?

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
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I guess it just varies from dealer to dealer. In Buffalo there is only one
Audi dealer an they're awful. We have 3 VW dealers but only one of them is
good, fortunately they are exceptionally good. They are an APR dealer and
actually support their customers who want to enjoy their cars.

There is a good Audi dealer in Rochester, but that's about an hour drive. I
suppose you need to make the choice. I just bought a used A6 and I'd like to
run the VIN for recalls, so I suppose I'll call Rochester and see what they
can tell me.

World Impex can get some RS2 stuff. If you do a search on their site with
the part number it usually will find it. Then it's a matter of ordering it,
and then waiting for it to jump the pond. I've ordered a bunch of RS2 bumper
brackets no problem.


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I'll say the same here. It's the opposite of what Mark described. The VW 
place is full of jerks, while the Audi parts dept is great! But, they can no

longer order VW parts......damn!

Tony Hoffman

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>I may just try this.  I'm on first names basis with my dealer reps. And 
>they generally
> go out of there way for me.
> Ben
> >
> Mark Wetzel <mark.wetzel at verizon.net> wrote: They may be able to but they 
> may not want
> to. My local dealer won't even
> order B3 parts. Too old he says. No wonder they're one of the worst 
> dealers
> in the country. I've complained to AoA but they don't care. I wish VW 
> could
> still order Audi parts. My friend works in the parts dept at the dealer 
> and
> it was great. But no more.
> Regards,
> Mark 

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