[Es2] was knock, knock,. anyone home now Tom's old car?

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Thu Jan 17 05:46:10 PST 2008

Hey Marc,
Glad to see Tom's car went to an obviously Audi guy.  Nice guy.   Did he get 
out of the Audi game altogether, or just go in for a earlier or later  model?
When you bought Tom's car, did it still have the Tilton brake adjuster  
attached to the Master Cylinder?  I have a friend who want to make that  mod, but I 
can't remember which orifice that Tom had it on.  If it is still  attached, 
could you possibly take a picture of it?
I would appreciate it.
Greg W.
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hmarcnguyen at netscape.net writes:

Hi  all,

Joined the list back in September when I became the new owner of  Tom 
Vandervoorts eS2, but have just been lurking as I just haven't had time to  really do 
any car or track stuff since then.? Slowly getting back in the swing  of 
things and finally reading through all the car lists threads I've had  sitting in 
my inbox.

Just want to intro myself and also noticed that  this thread was related to 
RS2 parts.? I have a full set of new?ones (IM,  swain-coated EM, turbo, 
injectors, airbox, wiring harness) that I am going to  probably sell very soon.? If 
anyone is interested in any, let me  know.

Hope everyone's new year is starting out  well.


**************Start the year off right.  Easy ways to stay in shape.     

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