[Es2] was knock, knock,. anyone home now Tom's old car?

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Thu Jan 17 20:23:15 PST 2008

Hey all,

Thanks for the warm welcome.? I've been very jazzed to have the car, but really haven't had time to even drive it.? Trying to get back into "car" stuff this year after an almost year long hiatus outside of organizing some Audi Club events for the Potomac Chapter due to a new house purchase, renovations, big family trip, etc.

To try to answer some of the questions asked to the list.? I'll respond to those who wrote me offlist seperately.

Ben Swann wrote:

> How's it going.? What is the wiring harness from and do you have any of the sensors that go with it/the engine? 
I got the harness from Steve Eiche.? It's either from an ADU or ABY euro motor, but I don't remember.? The parts are at a friends shop, so I can't get a p/n right now, but I can pick them up in the next few days and get the?specifics.? I don't think it came with any sensors.

> What injectors are they?
OE RS2 brand new.

> More info on the turbo please.
OE RS2 brand new as well.? 

Marc Siggelkow wrote:

> I see you have an '01 A4 GTS-2 car. What region do you run?

I co-own the A4 with my friend Tom Clendenin.? We run the car in Mid-Atlantic.? He does the driving and I crew and use it for HPDEs.? He finished 3rd in points last year.? The plan was for me to get my license last year, but the house and other things got in the way.? Mark, how do you like your Tundra?? I love mine, but I'm drooling over the 5.7 in the new ones.

Greg W wrote:
> Did he get out of the Audi game altogether, or just go in for a earlier or later? model?

Tom V. bought an AllRoad to "replace" the eS2.? Still has other I-5 too.? 200 Avant?
> When you bought Tom's car, did it still have the Tilton brake adjuster attached to the Master Cylinder?? 

Still has the Tilton on it.? I can take a picture over the weekend.? If you don't hear from me sometime next week, please ping me again.? Decent chance I'll forget once I start getting into other weekend projects.

I also have an RS2 PVC set-up and a fully rebuilt AAN block that I will be looking to sell as well.? And, I think I may have to get serious about selling the urQ too.? I can provide more info on it if anyone is interested.



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