[Es2] Seat trim piece & side mirrors

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
Tue Jan 22 14:24:44 PST 2008

What color trim? I think I only have gray in stock right now. I can look for
black but I'm pretty sure I'm out.

No mirror glass. Every one I have in the shop has bad glass. Was it Blau who
had glue on replacements?


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Hey all,

Starting with some small items on the car since it's too freaking cold out
in the garage to do anything significant.

Does anyone have or know where I?can get the plastic cover that goes on the
side of the passenger seat and covers the wiring looms for the power seat.?
It's kind of "L" shaped, running along the side of the seat bottom and then
up the seat back a little covering the hinge.??? I've tried Chris Semple at
Force5 and he had one last year,?but I forgot to follow-up and it's gone.? I


And,?the glass on both?side-mirrors is?de-laminating.? Is it possible to
just pull off the glass and replace if I can find replacement mirrors?

And, to those waiting for Tilton pics, I haven't forgotten.? 



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