[Es2] was knock, knock,. anyone home now Tom's old car?

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I have a tilton as well (dial version) on my coupe q.

Haven't driven the car in a year or two, but from  memory, the master 
cyl. has an outlet for the left front, the right front, and for the 
rear.  The outlet for the rear goes into a pressure limiting device 
that is mounted to the master, then a single line runs to the rear 
where it splits left/right.  Oh, wait, they go to the ABS control unit 
prior to leading to each wheel.

I may be confusing this with the 4kq setup, but it's pretty easy when 
you figure out the function.

Either way, if there are three lines leading from the master, plumb it 
into the one line leading to both rears, and don't leave any pressure 
limiting devices in the system (bypass it).

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I was the one who asked about the Tilton.  I knew it screwed into the  
directly, I remember it from talking to Tom one year at  Buttonwillow.  
just cannot remember which port it was screwed into.   A picture would 
be nice.

Thank you.

Greg W.

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Marc,  hat's off on acquiring the eS2 II!  It's a wonderful car as I  
know, having both overseen it's construction as well as driving  at
places like Thunderhill and Mid OH.  Tom told me he had found a  good
home for it.  What are the specs on your urq again?  I've  been 
ever since selling the eS2 and sold the racecar last winter  to focus on
my kid's karting.  Now with this new track opening in my  backyard I'll
want to do some stuff with the local audi club again.
To whomever asked about the tilton adjuster: I believe it taps  directly
into the master cylinder exit.  I may have a photo somewhere  if so I'll
scan it.
All the best,
Brandon H

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