[Es2] I/C Help

Marc Nguyen hmarcnguyen at netscape.net
Sun Jun 1 07:02:46 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Finally getting a little more?time to tinker with the es2 after almost 9 months of ownership.? With the help of a friend, took apart the I/C today to see if we could figure out why the speedo doesn't work anymore.? It was intermittent for a while and then recently died.? Speed sensor on the tranny is good.? Anyway, took it apart and couldn't find anything obviously loose, bad solders, or gears.? Put everything back together and noticed the temp gauge needle had "fallen" way below the?"C", so took it apart again.? Tapped the needle and it went back to just below "C" which is normally where it's at when cold.? 

Put everything back in the?hopes that something loose is now tight and the speedo would work.? Well, as my luck would have it the speedo still doesn't work AND now the engine temp gauge doesn't work and the?number "52" permanently displays in the center display.??Wonderful.? We didn't have the time or energy to take it all apart again.? So, before I dive back in does anyone know what the "52" is and/or experienced a "floppy" temp gauge and what I might have missed or broken on it?



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