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Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Thu Jun 5 07:46:17 PDT 2008

Actually yes I seem to remember having this problem and seeing the '52'
I believe the problem was cracked soldier on the integrated circuit
board of the instrument module.  It was re-soldiered once, then broke
again, then I replaced entire dash unit.  Had the old one on a shelf
until last winter when I finally tossed it...

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> Hi all,
> Finally getting a little more?time to tinker with the es2 
> after almost 9 months of ownership.? With the help of a 
> friend, took apart the I/C today to see if we could figure 
> out why the speedo doesn't work anymore.? It was intermittent 
> for a while and then recently died.? Speed sensor on the 
> tranny is good.? Anyway, took it apart and couldn't find 
> anything obviously loose, bad solders, or gears.? Put 
> everything back together and noticed the temp gauge needle 
> had "fallen" way below the?"C", so took it apart again.? 
> Tapped the needle and it went back to just below "C" which is 
> normally where it's at when cold.? 
> Put everything back in the?hopes that something loose is now 
> tight and the speedo would work.? Well, as my luck would have 
> it the speedo still doesn't work AND now the engine temp 
> gauge doesn't work and the?number "52" permanently displays 
> in the center display.??Wonderful.? We didn't have the time 
> or energy to take it all apart again.? So, before I dive back 
> in does anyone know what the "52" is and/or experienced a 
> "floppy" temp gauge and what I might have missed or broken on it?
> Thanks!!
> Marc
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