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I too have done this modification with success. However, it should be noted 
that these heater valves are prone to leakage and/or failure, so keep an eye 
on it. I've had two fail already - one due to seepage and another 
catastrophically. I now keep a small section of rigid pipe in the car incase 
of failure.


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> Chris, Bernie...
> I followed Bernie's advice on this about 5 years ago.
> There's a vacuum distribution block under the dash on the driver's
> side, right against the airbox.
> There is a white vacuum line entering the block from the Climate
> Control vacuum controller, and it has a plug on the opposite side.
> Remove the plug, then run the vacuum line from there through the
> firewall grommet of your choice to the engine side of the firewall.
> You may have to cut a bit of the heater hose on the engine side to
> make room for the type 44 heater valve. Connect the heater valve
> vacuum nipple to the vacuum hose you installed, connect the
> electrical lead to the temp sensor in the heater valve and you should
> be good to go.
> I used some scrap green rigid vacuum hose from the locking system and
> a short section of rubber vacuum line to connect the heater nipple to
> the rigid vacuum line.
> No the Climate Control head will signal the vacuum controller to
> automatically turn the heater valve on and off.
> The only downside to this modification is that if the flap controller
> motor is inoperative or not working correctly, it make not allow you
> maximum heat when the CC head calls for it....
> The whole process should take less than an hour, but if you have
> large hands and frame it may take longer to work in the confined
> under dash space...
> Definitely a modification that I will do when removing the dash for
> the eS2 conversion on the Coupe...
> -Peter
> At 05:56 AM 6/12/2008 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>>I think that the 200 valve is a NO valve, requiring vac to close. The
>>controller probably has the correct vac output for such a valve,
>>plugged at the first connector block. Think I posted about this 10
>>years ago.
>>On Jun 12, 2008, at 4:42 AM, Christopher Gharibo wrote:
>>>Instead of messing with degrading foam restoration, what is your
>>>opinion on
>>>stopping the coolant flow with a heater control valve from let s
>>>say a '91 200
>>>and splicing it into the heater core feed line (drivers side hose)?
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