[Es2] Running UrS Fuch 16 x 8s on eS2 ..

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Thu Mar 6 18:16:13 PST 2008

I have been running 245/45-16's on my lowered coupe quattro 10vt for years
on the track with just enough clearance and absolutely no rubbing in the
wheel wells. I use 16x7 ET35 Borbets (type?), with square shouldered Kumho
Victoracers. I do use a thin spacer (maybe .100") for Boxster caliper
clearance on the front only.

I have been measuring fitment on my newly done ES2 for the street (also
lowered significantly), and have just about decided to go 225/45-17 with
7-1/2" or 8" ET35's. The track car has early stamped control arms, and the
ES2 has the cast, but I don't see any reason for them to be different. IIRC,
the limitation on the suspension is the tie rod end, not the ball joint
connection to the control arm.


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