[Es2] Switch Bulbs

hmarcnguyen at netscape.net hmarcnguyen at netscape.net
Thu Mar 13 11:22:08 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm finally getting some time to address some "little" things on the S2 one of which are bulbs for the?center console switches (i.e. fogs and ABS).? I did a quick search of the archives and also 20v.org?which says the Wagner 17037 Auto Indicator Bulbs work for the switches that don't have soldered bulbs.? But, there are two bulbs in each, one smaller then the other.? Does anyone know what/where I can get the needed?bulbs?

And, if anyone cares, I sold my '85 urQ last weekend.? A little tough watching it drive away after 14 years, but it's going to a very good home.



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