[Es2] ES2 conversion - AAN in '90 CQ AC using serp belt setup ?

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Feb 12 11:02:25 PST 2009

Mostly a question for folks involved with stuffing 20V Turbo into Coupe Quattro..
What I was trying to do is utilize the serpintine belt arrangement of the AAN  - I have
the AAN engine in with serpentine belt setup from AAN deleting fan and front radiator.
The stock radiator/condensor interferes, so this option may be out and I may need to
revert to three belt combination. So before I yank the serpentine belt setup, I'm seeing
if other alternatives that can retain the serp. belt. Perhaps there is a custom
raditator and/or condensor or ??  If radiator/condensor were about 1.5" narrower at
bottom, it would work.

Also, I presume that the best three belt setup will be using 3B arrangement, but recall
some fitment issue when I installed MC  in a CGT or can I use the 7A arrangement which
put AC on turbo side( I can't find my old one to even fit check it). 

Engine is using RS2 intake manifold, IA exhaust manifold, RS2 turbo, AAN filter block
arrangement, RS2 core support with integrated crossover pipe. 


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