[Es2] MAF - turbo hose for tight clearance RS2 turbo in Coupe Quattro.

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Feb 19 07:31:19 PST 2009

More ES2 conversion idiotsyncrosies..

I tried to fit a 3B MAF to turbo hose similar to the AAN hose - either would fit except
for the protrusions for fitting N75/frequency valve and Bypass valve, etc.  This
application is for an RS2 turbo with 2" inlet  - basically same setup as RS2 engine.
The engine is installed in a '90 Coupe Quattro.  The core supprt vertical with hood
release mechanism is directly in front of the turbo with only about 2" clearance.  So
the fittings protrude and what is needed is a simple J-bend hose, similar to what is on
the earlier 200/5000 TQ's.  The stock 200/5000 hose is toos small of diameter to fit the

It is possible that the late 200 10V using k24 turbo might work, as the diameteron some
k24's  is larger, but don't have one to try.  I think the 1.8T hose is similar and
Neuspeed makes a nice on, but I think that it is too small a diameter as well, although
plenty of these to be found on eBay.  Maybe someone has one they can measure and if 2"
diameter it might work.

Basically I'm looking for a hose that will fit - perhaps there is a 200/5000 style hose
made to fit the 2" inlet of an RS2 turbo.  


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