[Es2] MAF - turbo hose for tight clearance RS2 turbo in Coupe Quattro.

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Thu Feb 19 11:12:40 PST 2009

Followup - still searching, but with more information.

As expected, there is a VIN split with two different hoses for the 200 10V with MC
engine.  I expect versions of the MC-2 using K24 with larger diameter can be made to
work with a little stretch - RS-2 turbo inlet is slightly bigger, but the hose should

I'm wondering if anyone knows, can verify, compare hoses or plain out knows.  What is
the difference between the earlier MAF-turbo "J" hose for the MC vs. the later hose.

Part numbers are :
Earlier	034 145 747
Later	034 145 747D

Again, I'm looking for a hose that is shaped like this, and has a 2" diameter on the
turbo side.  Anyone know what the RS2 part number is?

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> Subject:	MAF - turbo hose for tight clearance RS2 turbo in Coupe Quattro.
> More ES2 conversion idiotsyncrosies..
> I tried to fit a 3B MAF to turbo hose similar to the AAN hose - either would fit
> except for the protrusions for fitting N75/frequency valve and Bypass valve, etc.
> This application is for an RS2 turbo with 2" inlet  - basically same setup as RS2
> engine.  The engine is installed in a '90 Coupe Quattro.  The core supprt vertical
> with hood release mechanism is directly in front of the turbo with only about 2"
> clearance.  So the fittings protrude and what is needed is a simple J-bend hose,
> similar to what is on the earlier 200/5000 TQ's.  The stock 200/5000 hose is toos
> small of diameter to fit the turbo.  
> It is possible that the late 200 10V using k24 turbo might work, as the diameteron
> some k24's  is larger, but don't have one to try.  I think the 1.8T hose is similar
> and Neuspeed makes a nice on, but I think that it is too small a diameter as well,
> although plenty of these to be found on eBay.  Maybe someone has one they can measure
> and if 2" diameter it might work.
> Basically I'm looking for a hose that will fit - perhaps there is a 200/5000 style
> hose made to fit the 2" inlet of an RS2 turbo.  
> Ben

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