[Es2] Sources for European parts - new or used

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What specifically are you looking for?
I've recently acquired a bunch of parts that are specific RS2 parts, I've
attached a list (word doc) that probably will be blocked from the lists, and
some that are generic to the S2, RS2, and a couple other cars!

I've got a local expert at cross referencing that WILL order anything that
he can GET from Europe, now I'm also going to say if you simply call the
dealer (Sunset in Beaverton, Oregon) you're not going to get very far! The
contact at Sunset is Aaron Cope, he actually works at the Porsche side of
the business, 503) 641-8600.

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Just seeing if there are any points of contact for purchasing European Audi
parts -
specifically for RS2/ES2.  Seems the US parts dealers (at least mine) won't
get parts
for them.  I have a need for some odd bits and most would be new, but a few
parts could
be used.

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