[Es2] RS2/ES2 intake & exhaust source/fabrication

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i think 034motorsport.com may have something.


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PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

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> Subject: Re: [Es2] RS2/ES2 intake & exhaust source/fabrication
> I'm running a stock 200Q20V turbo intake boot/ hose.  With this you can't use
> the WGFV in the stock location as it interferes with the support upright.
> I've used a very short length of pipe to move it below the boot.  Attaining
> full boost is very sensitive to this plumbing- a long hose caused me to lose
> boost.  It took me a while to figure this out- we temporarilly used a stiffer
> WG spring to restore full boost but that bugged me so I puzzled over it until
> eventually stumbling on this sensitivity.
> The turbo outlet to intercooler (RS2) hose was sourced by 2Bennett, I'm not
> sure if it is a standard 200Q20V samco equivalent- it looks like it might be
> but YMMV.
> Intercooler to intake (3B) is a custom metal pipe and the standard 200Q20V
> accordian hose.
> Matt
> --- On Fri, 1/23/09, Ben Swann <benswann at verizon.net> wrote:
>> From: Ben Swann <benswann at verizon.net>
>> Subject: [Es2] RS2/ES2 intake & exhaust source/fabrication
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>> Date: Friday, January 23, 2009, 8:00 AM
>> I'm looking for information on sourcing or fabricating
>> the intake portion for Engine
>> installed in '90 Coupe Quattro.  The engine is using
>> RS2 turbo, RS2 intake Manifold and
>> IA exhaust manifold.  The Stock RS2 intercooler with
>> integrated pipe in core support is
>> being used.
>> Probably I will need to fabricate the intake pipes, but can
>> likely use stock 3B or
>> similar hose from MAF/Airbox - I have seen some nice turbo
>> intake hoses from Neuspeed,
>> etc, so looking for tried and true alternative that
>> facilitate 3" clearance from front
>> of turbo to core support vertical.
>> The turbo outlet to intercooler is 2" and likely can
>> use a 22 deg. + a 45 deg. Section
>> with overall length of about 12".  There is probably a
>> stock hose that fit the Euro car.
>> The plumbing going from intercooler out is 2.3" to
>> throttle 3" and could resemble the 3B
>> layout, but I might route around the firewall over to the
>> passenger side fender well
>> then around to the intercooler.
>> Looking for BTDT suggestions, pictures, and flexible DIY
>> tubing  for making convoluted
>> custom intake plumbing.
>> Exhaust solution will be addressed later - will likely be
>> using an RS2 dual exhaust
>> downpipe similar to the 3B setup.
>> Ben
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