[Es2] RS2/ES2 intake & exhaust source/fabrication

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Why don't you go to the S2 Forum and order a complete set of the silicone
hoses from one of the group buys they have going on all the time? If you are
planning on upping the boost at any time stock hoses as we all well know
aren't up to the task! I'm assuming you are using either a 3B, RS2, or AAN
throttle body, If you are using a RS2 IM a 3B (or a RS2 or ADU) Throttle
Body to pressure pipe (that's the one that runs along the valve cover)hose
will work?? Then just get an ADU or RS2 Pressure pipe and you're set it will
clear the valve cover will bolt right up! I've got a RS2 Pressure pipe I'd
be more than happy to loan you so you can make a clone of it if you
want...then the stock RS2/S2/ADU silicone hoses would bolt right up. Are you
going to put a RS2 airbox in your coupe? I was planning on going that route
with one in my UrQ and have decided to go w/o an airbox (or at least the RS2
one) in my UrQ, you're welcome to it and a RS2 IM if you're interested. Both
are spanking new!

Jack Walker

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Subject: [Es2] RS2/ES2 intake & exhaust source/fabrication

I'm looking for information on sourcing or fabricating the intake portion
for Engine
installed in '90 Coupe Quattro.  The engine is using RS2 turbo, RS2 intake
Manifold and
IA exhaust manifold.  The Stock RS2 intercooler with integrated pipe in core
support is
being used.

Probably I will need to fabricate the intake pipes, but can likely use stock
3B or
similar hose from MAF/Airbox - I have seen some nice turbo intake hoses from
etc, so looking for tried and true alternative that facilitate 3" clearance
from front
of turbo to core support vertical. 

The turbo outlet to intercooler is 2" and likely can use a 22 deg. + a 45
deg. Section
with overall length of about 12".  There is probably a stock hose that fit
the Euro car.

The plumbing going from intercooler out is 2.3" to throttle 3" and could
resemble the 3B
layout, but I might route around the firewall over to the passenger side
fender well
then around to the intercooler.

Looking for BTDT suggestions, pictures, and flexible DIY tubing  for making
custom intake plumbing.

Exhaust solution will be addressed later - will likely be using an RS2 dual
downpipe similar to the 3B setup.

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