[Es2] 6 speed conversion

Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Wed Jan 28 10:50:30 PST 2009

Hello David and ES2 list,


Many thanks for the reply and the scan of the article.

Is Audi Driver a UK only publication? Haven't ever seen it here in the

But then again I really haven't been looking for it!


Is this a UK Coupe Quattro model w/o the flared fenders? Those Coupe
Quattro's, rather than the UrQs have driven me nuts getting parts I thought
were for UrQs and then they aren't quite what I expected! Teaches me to
really pay attention to listings. I've placed your images back into my reply
so others can see the article as well

This looks like a very clean and original looking installation overall,
nothing from the outside looks out of place!

Until someone opens the hood, and even then it looks very factory in
appearance, but we all know what can lurk beneath the 3B valve cover ; ^)


I've got a US 83 UrQ, but mine isn't as stock looking, or as clean!
Unfortunately or depending on how you look at it, mine has 260,000 miles on
it. I purchased it when it had 50K and I've been all over the place with it
on a number of cross country trips. I have had an absolute blast stacking up
the mileage over the years, but on a track day I over revved the 10V so now
I've got a AAN motor with the RS2 IM and EM, some chip work and various
other things. My car has a stock 016 trans and I've been looking at various
options of six speeds! You mention in the article the Trans used can be from
an early S4, the CBL trans, I thought those cars (as I have a 95.5 S6 and
the donor car 93 S4 trans) all used the OIE 5 speed trans? My major interest
in going to a 6 speed would be a narrower gear range rather than a taller
6th gear I'm not so much looking for more top end, but something between the
1st 2nd 3rd in the 016.


I would love to see how you fitted a 20mm rear roll bar, my car already has
a bar, but seriously I haven't measured the size..it's just the stock
placement and size on my 83! I'm just starting to mess with suspension! I'd
also love to see the rest of your images of your conversion, let me know
whee I might be able to access them.


C-Ya, and thanks a ton for sharing your info

Jack Walker




From: Harrison, David [mailto:David.Harrison at kcc.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 12:57 AM
To: jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Subject: 6 speed conversion


Hi Jack,

As requested.

Audi Driver are also running my articles on my 3B conversion in detail . Can
scan these too if required. Kept mine looking standard on the outside so
no-one knows what lies beneath.

Have plenty of other articles on the refurb of mine if you are interested
including fitting a 20mm rear roll bar.



David Harrison.

Club Audi NW Rep,

Series 2 model rep,

68, Burton Road,

Little Neston.



CH64 4AG





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