[Es2] [20v] B4 vs. Coupe Quattro, rear control arms

Chris Maresca ckm at crust.net
Sun Mar 1 08:52:14 PST 2009

 I don't know about unbearable.  I had delrins in my CQ for 5 years, it 
wasn't really noticeable.   Delrin is not that stiff, I once crushed a 
piece when I used it as a pad on a floor jack.   Besides, it's not the 
only plastic or rubber you can get.


dgraber460 at aol.com wrote:
> Delrin is harder than urethane. I have a 2.5" rod stock piece that I 
> can sometimes use as a drift. I have used some solid bushings and they 
> unbearable on city streets. The car would eventually have been jarred 
> to pieces. I didn't think the handling was noticeably different/better 
> either. Maybe at 10/10ths on the race track but definitely not on city 
> streets. IMHO
> Dennis Graber
> Denver, CO
> 720-838-0558
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> I don't have machining capability, but access to stock bushings are
> not an issue for me.  I'm not sure if I gave that impression.  I have
> new stock ones, but I am trying to avoid the hassle of installing them
> if I have good bushings in another control arm, which I do now that I
> found some of the correct ones in my stash.
> I have had urethane bushings in the past, but I'm not a fan of them.
> They were noisy and needed to be lubed.  It seems like something in
> between the "hard plastic" of the urethane bushings and the soft
> rubber of the stock ones would be a good compromise, but I haven't
> seen anything like that.  I haven't tried delrin ones, but I know that
> it is about as hard as urethane is.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth
> On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Chris Maresca <ckm at crust.net <mailto:ckm at crust.net>> wrote:
> > You can pretty easily machine bushings for the CQ.  It's just a round barrel
> > with a flange.....   Of course, this assumes you have access to this sort of
> > equipement and I'm rather surprised you can't just buy new ones...
> >
> > One neat trick is to burn them out with propane torch.  Messy and smelly,
> > but very effective.  BTDT on other cars.
> >
> > Chris.
> >
> > Kenneth Keith wrote:
> >>
> >> Thanks Wylie.  Now that I've looked at the suspension in person and on
> >> http://vagcat.com <http://vagcat.com/> I see how very different they are.  I found some
> >> control arms in my shop that have decent bushings in them, so I'll use
> >> those.  I'm glad I bought the B4 90Q for the hood and other parts,
> >> because the suspension isn't what I expected at all.
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >>
> >> Kenneth
> >>
> >> On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 1:10 PM, Wylie Bean <theringmeister at triad.rr.com <mailto:theringmeister at triad.rr.com>>
> >> wrote:
> >>
> >>> The B4 rear is similar if not the same as the rear of the B5 A4 chassis
> >>> so AFAIK it's not interchangeable with a B3 CQ.
> >>> R&r on a bushing isn't that hard really. Can be done without a press
> >>> using a drill and a hacksaw and a BIG vise to push the bushing in.  Done it
> >>> more than once.
> >>>
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> >>> From: Kenneth Keith <auditude at gmail.com <mailto:auditude at gmail.com>>
> >>>
> >>> So I got my '95 90 Quattro onto my trailer to strip it for parts for
> >>> my eS2 mods to my '90 Coupe Quattro.  I'm focusing on the suspension
> >>> because I have a rear control arm bushing blown out on my CQ, and I
> >>> want to use the B4 lower strut housings with the KW coilovers I have,
> >>> which have 14mm holes vs. the 12mm in my CQ lower strut housings.
> >>>
> >>> I was thinking I would be able to use the rear control arm off the B4
> >>> 90Q, but I see that it is different than the CQ rear control arm,
> >>> which itself is basically a Type 85 front control arm backwards.  Does
> >>> anyone know if the B4 rear control arms are interchangeable with the
> >>> CQ?
> >>>
> >>> If not, then I'll have to replace the bushings in one of my loose Type
> >>> 85 control arms.  I was hoping more for a bolt in swap for now, rather
> >>> than having to mess with pressing out and in the bushing, which I
> >>> would be doing with a homemade rig as describe on Huw Powell's page,
> >>> http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/bushings-pix2.htm, which takes a bit
> >>> of elbow grease and patience.
> >>>
> >>> Cheers,
> >>>
> >>> Kenneth
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