[Es2] Best expansion tank?

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 14:04:56 PST 2009

It's time again for me to replace a leaking expansion tank, this time
on my '90 CQ that's been sitting.  The last one I bought started to
inflate so I was able to exchange it under warranty.  I believe this
one is the exchanged one, but I apparently installed it some time back
in '05.  That seems way long ago, but that's what my Autohausaz.com
transaction history shows.

I noticed the tanks on the market are much more translucent than the
more opaque ones that we used to get.  I think the new ones, although
they look nice, suck.  I don't know if there are any differences in
the ones available from various sources, but I sure would like to get
one that lasts a decent amount.  I haven't even driven my CQ in a
year, and now that I've started it and cycled the coolant temp a
couple times it's got a nice leak where the webbing is trying to keep
it from inflating.

So, is it a crapshoot to buy any of the tanks on the market, or is
there a certain supplier that has some better quality?  Are the ones
from the dealer any better than, say, autohausaz.com or
034motorsport.com ones?



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