[Es2] MAF - turbo hose for tight clearance RS2 turbo in Coupe Quattro.

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Mar 4 19:01:10 PST 2009

Yes, that looks like a 200 20V hose.  The 3B S2 hose has a bend in it 
toward the fender between the turbo and MAF and is a bit longer.  The 
ABY (and RS2 I assume) hose is flat on the front and has both the WGFV 
and BPV on the right side.


Matt twentyV wrote:
> for others who might be curious, I've uploaded the pictures:  
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/matt_20v/
> I don't know how others solve this tricky packaging problem but this is how I did it.  2Bennett originally used a length of 1/4 hose to attach the WGFV.  The hose couplers had a very tiny ID.  I found that the ability to reach full boost is very sensitive to this plumbing.  You can't just plug the valve into the front of the hose like it is supposed to, as it won't fit.  I ended up using a short length of 1/4 copper pipe.  This provided less restriction and I'm able to reach full 20psi boost with a stock spring and about 5-6 turns on the cap screw.
> Sounds like from Steve Eiche's note that the S2 ABY hose would place both the BPV and WGFV in a much better location.
> -Matt 
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>> Thanks Matt,
>> I believe the hose you reference is same as mine from the
>> 3B.  I am able to get it on,
>> but it does rub.
>> I'll toy with that as well as other possiblities.
>> Cheers!
>> Ben 
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>> Ben here are some better pictures I took with the headlight
>> out.  The Bailey valve goes
>> on the headlight side of the support, and the N75 valve is
>> attached using a 2" length of
>> 1/4" copper tube on the center side.  I tie-wrapped
>> the tube to the IC crossover pipe to
>> keep the hose nipple from rubbing on the support.  There is
>> zero contact on any rubber
>> bits and I saw no wear whatsoever.
>> the p/n of the hose I have is 034 133 357N and the turbo is
>> K24.
>> Good luck!
>> -Matt
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