[Es2] [urq] Urq stainless exhaust idea

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Would you be intereste in doing one for the later Coupe Quattro?  Done alal 20V turbo of

I had in mind a dual system, but channeling the twin cat into a single 3" or going
outright to single 3" might be an easier way to go and just as effective.

Layout for the single system would be nearly identical to the UrQ if going single.


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Hi Steve,

Sorry for the late reply.

No negative comments at all. All positive comments in my opinion.

Steve, this exhaust is mainly aimed at the performance guys.  I intend to make the
system as bearable as possible in terms of noise, and drone.

It's kind of a different market as opposed to the URS4 guys.

However, 3" over the axle is very hard to do. You wouldn't believe how close the
tolerances are.
I'm even going to be including new exhaust hangers in the kit to compensate for sagging
The  clearance between the subframe and floor is that tight.

I easily have 40  or more  hours into this system, just for over the axle  fitment

I can  now see why not so many company's offer this diameter of exhaust for the small
chassis Audi's.

I have a similar system on my 4000q, it's a MC1, chipped running a stock urq downpipe
and K26 turbo. I'm happy with the sound, however it is  a  little more aggressive than a
stock system in terms of sound. For me the sound is brilliant,  obviously I'm going to
be more biased that way, seeing as I'm trying to sell these systems.

Now factor a catalytic converter and a K24 turbo, for the stock 20v guys and I.m pretty
confident that the noise would be allot quieter.

Factor in a Garrett GT 30 turbo and 20 psi and now you have my attention.
This is the kind of customer I'm targeting.

My good friend Mike Hopton had agreed to let me use his 10v urq and 20v urq for testing
I may even post system decibel readings, while comparing them to a stock car.

I hope this helps.



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