[Es2] Rear wheel fitment

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Sun Mar 22 16:37:25 PDT 2009

I am running 17X8 ET35 all around, with 255/40-15s.  When I look  straight 
down in the rear I can just see the edge of the tire.
With a 245 series, with a 17x9 I think you would be pushing it.  That  is a 
whole inch wider, and you tires is taller.  I run 245/40s at the track  with no 
I am lower than 1.5 inches, though.  If you could trade the 17X9s for  the 
same wheel in 17X8 I think you would be better off.
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I know this might seem odd, but here goes.  I'm  wondering if any one has
fitted a 17" by 9" et 35mm Wheel in the  rear.  Tires are 245/45-17 I know
it's a large tire, but the wheels  are coming off a V8q.  Front wheel is 17"
by 8" ET 35mm with same  tire.  I'm hoping to reuse the wheels as I am in a
bind for budgeting  and these are the only wheels I know clear the cars BBK.
Wondering if these  wheels will clear car is lowered ~1.5" but does not have
the suspension in  yet, for  5-112.

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