[Marketplace] Ur-Quattro Ronal wheels

Aaron marketbot at audifans.com
Sun Apr 25 20:59:52 EDT 2004

Section:  Parts
Title:    Ur-Quattro Ronal wheels
Price:    780.00
Location: Upstate New York

Date:     April 25, 2004
Contact:  Aaron
Email:    bogataboy1 at aol.com


First, I would like to apoligize to Audifans if I am breaking the rules on refering an ebay auction.  I think it is different in this case because I am trying to protect the Audi community and I am not intending on selling these items anyway.  That said...........

You are looking at the wheels I bought on ebay from ebay user xdavids. The original auction number was 2461290367. They are all bent. I include a picture of one of them on my snap-on wheel balancer. I know they are bent and there is no doubt about it. Three of them are so badly bent that they are unable to be straightened. This guy David Mandache sold me a bunch of bent wheels and tricked me. What is worse is that he agreed for me to send them back to him UPS cash on delivery. Then he refused them and said that I didn't even open them so therfor I couldn't know that they are bent. As irrelevant as that would seem, it was his whole argument for not giving me back my money. So he overcharged me shipping. ( $120 from Georgia to New York) and then makes me spend another $60 ( what it really costs) to send them back and only to delivery refuse them. As you can see from the pictures, I clearly had the packaging off these to circle the bends for him and try to show him where they were
bent. I am going to leave this ad up here for as long as the link to the original auction is still accessable through ebay. Scumbags like this have to be exposed and people on ebay have to know about them. I lost my money, why should you? This guy frequently changes ebay user names. He was "biggesthog" just a few months back. The key is to remember his hame. DAVID MANDACHE.  ebay auctions will say he is from Buford, Atlanta, and another town in Georgia that I cant remember. Do not deal with him for any reason. This is what you should expect. He only takes money orders so you have no recourse to get you money back. He is sly and knows exactly how to screw you and come out looking clean on feedbacks. I lost a total of $780 when you include the shipping amounts. If someone wants to give me 780 for these wheels that is up to you. I am disclosing that they are bent. Maybe you know a cheap refinisher but I am not sure they could be fixed. They are bent all the way across the bell. I will
list these on audiworld and audifans as well and tell the world that this guy is to be avoided.


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