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Title:    RE: UR-Quattro wheels FS
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Location: Shokan

Date:     April 26, 2004
Email:    biggesthog at yahoo.com


First of all, I would like to clear up the BS posted by Aaron Smith ("audi4evr" on eBay).
 I described the UR-Quattro wheels on eBay accurately. 
Aaron Smith (audi4evr) won the wheels. Then he complained about shipping cost. (Should've asked about shipping cost BEFORE bidding, everyone knows that).

I should've known he was having second thoughts about completing the purchase because after he won the auction he asked if he can buy just 1 wheel from me, because he didn't need the whole set. I told him NO, since he bid and won the whole set.
He finally agreed and sent payment (after nealy 3 weeks!)  Payment was supposed to be made within 7 days after auction ends, which is clearly shown in the auction listing.
Then he called me when he received the wheels, claiming that they were bent. I was surprized to hear that, since I DID NOT send him BENT wheels, but he  sounded very convincing, so I said I would take them back and refund his $.
Then (the moron that he is) returned the wheels back to me UNOPENED FROM THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGES!
There was no doubt about it, there were 3 people there when the wheels were ORIGINALLY packaged, and when they were returned, they were EXACTLY THE SAME UNOPENED PACKAGES. 
Of course, when I saw this pathetic attempt, I refused the wheels, and they were sent back to him!
This guy Aaron Smith changed his mind about buying the wheels, tried to BS his way into getting a refund, and it didn't work. His pathetic plan backfired, and now he's pi55ed off! 
If anyone here is interested in buying those wheels, don't. I wouldn't be surprized if that moron Aaron Smith has now damaged the wheels himself (now that I refused the wheels and he's upset, there's no telling what that idiot will try next).
Not my problem. 
He's sure going to great lengths to prove what an idiot he is!


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