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Don marketbot at audifans.com
Wed Aug 11 10:47:21 EDT 2004

Section:  Cars
Title:    V8 Parts - various
Price:    0.00
Location: NS Canada

Date:     August 11, 2004
Contact:  Don
Email:    blackrock at ns.sympatico.ca
Phone:    902-678-1607


I will consider only v.good used parts in all cases below. New I can get here if I have to. I can pay by paypal.


1990 V8 Quattro 3.6 automatic.

1) Drivers side front axle, whole or part. I'm pretty sure I need the outer CV if you have a good used outer end to match. 

2) Rear control arm bushings, front end of the control arm.  Need the passenger side one mainly but will replace both L & R if you have them.

3) Crank shaft position sensor.. cannot leak.  Will buy the seal new. Not sure if my oil leak is the seal of the sensor itself at this point.

4) Front brake rotors, UFO style.

5) Black Audi floor mats.

6) Chrome grill and trunk decals, "V8" and "quattro"

7) Headlight wiper motor, drivers side.

Lastly 2 tech questions if anyone feels like helping. 

1) I rebuilt my power steering pump and reduced the hydraulic fluid leaking by 95%.  There is still a very small amount of fluid loss, unexplained.  Is there any problem using "Power Steering Stop Leak" products?  Or is it best to not use them since this pump and hydraulic system uses that thin green hydraulic mineral oil?

2) The V8 is notorious for having the drivers visor get loose and fall. It drives me nuts. Is there a fix for that?  If not, will replacing it work?  If so, please quote a price for new/used.  Mine is a tan/grey kind of colour.


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