[Marketplace] 88 5000CS TQW (parts?)

John marketbot at audifans.com
Thu Jan 1 23:56:51 EST 2004

Section:  Cars
Title:    88 5000CS TQW (parts?)
Price:    1.00
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Date:     January 01, 2004
Contact:  John
Email:    johnnynec at yahoo.com
Phone:    719-360-1019

I have an 88 5k TQW that I am going to sell or part.
the car Does not run now but will when put together. I had started disassembling to pull engine to
do seals, gaskets, replace the rack and do the which ever needed between clutch slave and/or clutch 
The car was running a chipped ECU (which is now in the sedan), with a heavier waste gate spring and a
K&N filter and was very strong. The interior is in fair shape. Leather. it is not ripped or torn but
some of the seems are dry rotting. none of them are ripped open as of yet. Dash is perfect.
the exterior of the car is also in very good shape. a few minor dings. all trim in place and good.
AC worked when I was driving it last summer. and again the car ran very strong! 
The wagon is a great car but i cannot afford to give it the proper attention that it needs.

known issue:
*leaking rack
 Clutch problem (will not disengage completely)suspected clutch slave cylinder or clutch
 all though it did not slip at all when I parked it.
*driver side front door handle 

*possible bad 3rd gear syncro due to above problem.

The front of the car is disassembled at the moment. It needs these parts to assemble and start.
*upper turbo hose
*air filter
*power steering fluid

I have a 4kq sedan and a 5kt sedan. I intend to repair and drive the 5kt sedan for now. 
There are a lot of parts on the wagon that i can use for my sedan, so my demands are as follows:
*the whole car with standard 5k rIms: $1400 (that Is what It Is worth to me just In parts I need for 
                                             my sedan and other projects that have in mind)
*the whole car with fauch Audi rims:  $1700 (again what it is worth to me in parts that need)
*send request for parts and if I get enough request for other parts I will start to part the car.
 the cars drive train is great condition other than the tans axle problem mentioned above. I will 
 sell the engine if no shipping is involved.
 Also will will consider selling the 86 5000CS T Sedan for $1300 (with standard wheels and stock ECU) or
                                                           $1800 (with Audi fauch wheels and chipped ECU). 
 It is a strong runner. has the Chipped ECU from the wagon. I bought it from the original owner. I have 
 probably 98% of the records for this one. 
 has new AKG radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses. 
 Known issues:
 *driver side front door handle 
 *leaking power steering hose (from pump to reservoir)
 *power antenna
 *needs new struts and alignment
 *sunroof does not work. will open but will not close.
 can provide pictures of either car on request.


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