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Section:  Cars
Title:    1993 Audi S4
Price:    8,700.00
Location: Columbus, OH

Date:     June 01, 2004
Contact:  Karl Matthias
Email:    karl at matthias.org
Phone:    614-249-9319


1993 Audi S4 Quattro.  114,000 miles.  Pearl White with Ecru interior.  Carbon Fiber accents (factory). Asking $8700 which I think is fair.  I'm willing to deal, but lets be reasonable.

I love this car and I'm going to detail everything about its current state so that you can get an idea of how nice this car is.  I have to sell it because I have too many cars to fit in the driveway and this car is too nice to put on the street.  I have two old Alfa Romeos in the garage, and with my new wife's car and another project in the driveway that leaves nowhere for my S4.  I don't drive to work so I rarely need a daily driver these days.

Mechanical:  The car runs beautifully with smooth power delivery and excellent handling and steering.  Shifting is good and all gears work.  Brakes are in good condition and work well.  The parking brake works properly but has a little bit of slop.  The engine and suspension are in original, unmolested condition.  The turbo spools up well and sounds good.  I have run the car on Mobil-1 the whole time I have owned it and the previous owner did too.  He was very meticulous about maintaining the car and did the following not long before I bought it(~105,000 miles):  timing belt, water pump, front crank seal, tensioner, knock sensor, head unit on the stereo (stock), and power mirror switch.  I have installed a CenterForce Dual Friction clutch, rear crank seal, and Forge diverter valve.  The car has the stock Audi wheels with decent tires (Bridgestone Potenzas).  One tire has a very slow leak.  Also included in the sale are a set of snow tires mounted on steel rims.  Two of the snow
tires have about two more seasons on them and the others need to be replaced.  I never used these tires, they were given to me by a friend who got Porsche calipers on his S4 and couldn't fit the steels over them any more.

Body:  This car looks basically brand new.  When I brought it home none of my neighbors believed that I had not gone out and bought a new Audi.  That is a testament to both the wonderful condition of this car, and the timeless styling.  The pearl paint is shiny with no real oxidation to speak of.  The trim is all intact, not broken, not missing, and looks good.  All black trim is still very black with no signs of fading. There are very few blemishes on the car. There is a scuff on one edge of the black plastic on the bumper which is not noticeable unless you are about 2 feet from it.  Someone has put a little touch up paint on a stone chip on the passenger front fender, and a spot inside the trunk lid next to the tail light.  Under the car is basically as rust free as a 3 year old car on the suspension parts.  I couldn't believe it when I got under there and saw how clean it is.  The exhaust is original and looks like it has quite a bit of life left (it's stainless from the factory).

Interior:  There is very little wear on the interior.  All plastic is in good shape, the dash is not cracked, the power options all work as expected, the seats adjust, and the seat heaters all work (front and back).  The stereo sounds awesome and the changer works properly.  There is some scuffing on the side bolsters on the front seats, but they are not ripped.  There is a little bit of wear on the armrests (barely noticeable), and there is one piece of plastic that cracked on the passenger side (only visible with door open--next to dashboard).  There is a hairline crack in the carbon fiber on the passenger door which can only be seen in certain light.  The carpet is very clean with only a few very small spots visible.  The car has original black Audi mats which are in very good shape, except for the driver's which has a heel hole by the pedals about two inches across.

This is a gorgeous car that gets plenty of attention wherever it goes.  I drove it to Iowa from Ohio last Christmas and it was the best highway car I have ever driven.  In town it handles like nothing else (even better than my Alfa coupes), and it accelerates wonderfully up the entrance ramp.  The only problem with the car is how easy it is to go too fast!  Audi knew that and allows you to set an audible speed warning in the dash controls.

You can reach me at 614-249-9319 during the day, and at 614-262-4188 in the evening until 9:30.  Ask for Karl.

I will post pictures when I get home tonight.


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