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Tue May 4 18:55:45 EDT 2004

Section:  Parts
Title:    Please beware of SHOKAN IDIOT!
Price:    0.00
Location: unsuccessful scam c/o shokan idiot

Date:     May 04, 2004
Email:    biggesthog at yahoo.com


The BS from this moron just keeps flowing. 
I'm not worried about his pathetic attempts, since I did nothing wrong. 
Is it wrong when you protect yourself from an attempted scam?
I refused the UNOPENED PACKAGES which he returned to me (after changing his mind about buying).
Here are the answers to his numbered BS claims:
1. Why did he keep asking me if he could buy just 1 wheel AFTER he won the set of 4 wheels on eBay?
2. Not my business what he does with the wheels after he buys them. He can sell them, give them away, whatever.
3. I put the shokan name on there to help promote your sales, aaron!
4. You didn't get raped for shipping. I told you clearly (before you even sent payment)that if you didn't want the wheels, I had another customer that wanted them. But you said NO, you want them. Then you complained about shipping cost. Then you tried to buy just 1 of the 4 wheels! PATHETIC!!!
(Is that the type of business  you guys used to at Shokan??? Come on, you represented them rather proudly in our first phone conversation) 
I didn't complain a few years ago when I had to pay Shokan $375 for a P/S pump for a 1995 S6 that later turned out to be bad! And of course, when I retuned it, the refund was supposed to be "approved" according to their return policy, but it never was approved) I just let it go!
So take that $375 credit (which I will never use) and stick it you know where!
5. Negotiate lower shipping?
Was I supposed to only send him only 2 or 3 wheels??? lol!!!
6. Irrelevant BS. He opened them and took pictures the 2nd time they were sent to him, yes, (I won't argue that!) 
7. You returned UNOPENED PACKAGES. What did you expect me to do??? Good luck ripping off other people who don't know any better. I won't be one of those unfortunate ones, sorry.
8. Yes, " We Must All Trust Him" After all, it is specified in his return policy that the refund/return must first be authorized.. what does that tell you, if he doesn't feel like giving your money back then he won't authorize it. I don't see why he is so upset about this deal. 
I just didn't "Approve" the return when he tried to scam me. His terms not mine. 
I will NOT offer a refund for  UNOPENED packages with claims of damage! 
I will not be taken for a fool, no matter how hard he tries.

Its a shame that he doesn't invest this much time into his own return policy as he does into making slanderous staments with no grounds or proof. 
Like I said before....PATHETIC!


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