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Section:  Parts
Price:    780.00
Location: Duvall, WA

Date:     September 24, 2004
Contact:  Joe Pearce
Email:    josephrpearce at hotmail.com


I have 1 set of new OEM front control arms for an URS4 S6 (92-97).  The rubber bushing at the control arm to subframe joint has been replacing with a fully sealed Teflon-lined high-misalignment stainless steel spherical bearing cartridge.  Replacing this rubber bushing with a spherical bearing eliminates ALL deflection of this joint under cornering forces.  Removing this deflection from the suspension greatly reduces the change in wheel camber, caster and toe as the suspension sees cornering forces.  

I’ve had a set of these control arms on my 1993 S4 for 12k miles.  I’ve done track days, several autocrosses and a substantial amount of hard driving on them.  The performance increase is obvious and substantial.  The steering resolution, that is the ability to adjust steering input is very small amount, is outstanding.  The turn-in under heavy corning forces is outstanding.  The vehicle still understeers when traction is broken, but the traction limit and the ability to drive at that limit are greatly increased.  

Recently I removed the control arms off my vehicle and performed an inspection for wear/damage.  There was none.  The seals that encapsulate the spherical bearing were in original operating condition.  The spherical bearings had no slop or looseness and still freely rotate.  This makes sense; there is no reason the spherical bearings should wear out if they are protected from debris getting onto the bearing surfaces and wearing them.

All the custom machined pieces in the spherical bearing cartridge of made of high-strength 17-4 stainless steel.  This material is widely used where high strength and excellent corrosion resistance are desired.  This material is twice as strong as the more commonly used than 304L stainless.  The bearing cartridge is sealed air tight with a custom molded flexible silicone piece.  These silicone pieces prolong the life of the bearing indefinitely by blocking all debris and moisture from entering the bearing cartridge.  However, if ever the bearings do need replacing it is as simple as removing a retaining ring, pressing out the bearing and pressing in a new one.

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