[Marketplace] Cars: 1991 Audi 90 quattro 20v

Duncan Bourgoin marketbot at audifans.com
Fri Aug 19 16:55:16 EDT 2005

Section:  Cars
Title:    1991 Audi 90 quattro 20v
Price:    3,000.00
Location: Seattle, WA

Date:     August 19, 2005
Contact:  Duncan Bourgoin
Email:    bourgoin at mail.bc.edu
Phone:    206 417-7161


1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20v
-92,987 miles
-Burgundy on Tan Leather
-5 speed –manual
Located in Seattle, WA
salvage title
-$3,000 obo

This is a great little car that still has a lot left to give. It has had all necessary maintenance done to it. Of note within the past couple years the 90 has had:

-the belts changed
-new reconditioned power steering pump
-new brakes all around
-boge turbo gas struts
-new strut bearings all around
-h&r sport springs (correct for car)
-17x7 ASA em9 wheels (some curbrash now)
-205/40wr17 Continental ContiExtremeContact (great in the rain here in seattle) 

Those are the major things I’ve had done. I fixed a lot of small annoying things most notably I had them make the driver’s side door lock work without having to re-key the car. 

These cars have hydraulic valves and use oil. Thus this audi has had a fresh stream of mobil synthetic oil throughout its time with me. 

So the good is that everything about this car works well. The engine revs smooth and strong all the way to the 7k rpm redline. Transmission shifts smooth. I had some bearings and a part of the linkage replaced to firm the shifts up. This car handles better than any other 90 quattro I’ve ever been in. It has a great stance with the sport springs and the wheels. 

The bad part about this car is pretty big though. But it’s about to save you a ton of money.

It happened one night that a nice older woman decided to get completely obliterated and not pay any attention to the red light in front of her or my car stopped at that light. So she ran into the back of my car. Pushing the left rear corner in. The left rear quarter panel, bumper, and trunklid need to be replaced for this car to be perfect. Also the frame needs to be pulled a little as she tweaked it. 

For all of this damage this car is still safe to drive. It has been inspected and certified by the state as being completely safe. Also it still drives and handles well. While the alignment is slightly off it is still very enjoyable to drive. Also the trunk lid still closes and locks perfectly fine. 

So basically what you’re buying is very cheap, very reliable transportation. It also looks pretty good still, handles well and isn’t a Hyundai. Also this car would be great for someone who wanted to part it out. I go to school in Boston and this isn’t an option for me. The engine and transmission are in perfect shape. This was one of the lowest mileage best kept 90’s around before the accident. The insurance company didn’t give me enough to fix it really so I’m going to sell it. Not because I don’t like driving it, but because I get bummed out when I see it how it is. I need to move on. My huge loss is your gain. You could easily part this out and make quite a bit of money off of me.

Duncan Bourgoin
email preferred: bourgoin at mail.bc.edu
no scams or spam please
or call 206-417-7161


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