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Title:    1990 audi 90 20v Turbo
Price:    5,500.00
Location: Reading, Pa.

Date:     August 20, 2005
Contact:  Rolf Mair
Email:    waves at comcast.net
Phone:    610-207-7873


After much thought and consideration, my turbo conversion project is officially for sale. Here is the detailed low-down. About 4 years ago I bought Dan Simones 1990 Audi 90 20valve quattro with the intent of converting it to a 20 valve turbo. I drove the car for about a year before tearing it down. The project began one night while sitting down at a local pub with a racer friend of mine who now happens to be Helio Castroneves telemetry engineer. At the beginning of the 90 project he was assembling and testing Penske's Indy car engines but has since been promoted. I secured a low mileage AAN engine from a 1994 Audi UrS4. I'm currently trying to find my notes to give the exact mileage. Along with the engine 
came a complete harness professionally removed by the owner of VW parts in New York as well as the stock ECM. The harness was removed it its entirety, properly labeled and was not cut or hacked. I proceeded to replace both crank seals, cam seals, oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket. I also replaced the timing belt, rollers, water pump, alternator, clutch pack assembly and all five ignition coils. Both motor mounts were replaced, as was the radiator, heater core and both tie rod assemblies. ALL PARTS WERE OEM BRAND NEW, No after market junk! As a working VW/Audi technician, the parts were installed properly, by the book. Even at my shop discount, there are well over $1000 in new parts. The engine, ecm and harness cost $4000.

I then bought the basic RS2 conversion kit and installed it as well. that included a new turbo, exhaust manifold and intake manifold. The new RS2 water manifold was also purchaed and installed, all with OEM gaskets and hardware. The original S4 fuel rail brackets were relocated to fit the RS2 intake. My Penske friend utilized the multi-million dollar race shop to fabricate a trick turbo downpipe that mounts to the beginning of the Stebro stainless exhaust system. He has quite a few hours into it and is worth a pretty penny considering how well it was constructed. The turbo and intercooler piping was also custom fabbed in the Penske shop and is close to being complete. There is enough raw tubing left to finish it. 

Speaking of the intercooler, I consulted Turbonetics at length on this project and they created a custom fit intercooler of perfect shape for installation in front of the new radiator. It's currently rough mounted and ready for plumbing. That was nearly $900, not including the cost of the Turbonetics couplers. There is also a nice K&N air filter set-up that's installed.

I'd estimate the project is about 75% done depending on how you view the difficulty in mating the S4 harness with the 90 harness. The wiring was 
meticulously spliced with proper research using Audi factory documents (AESIS), quality connections and extreme attention to detail. It also was done to retain the original 90 trip computer. Other than mounting the harness and ECM, the wiring is done. The dash and steering column need to be put back in at this point. As far as 'what yet needs to be done'... It's been awhile since the project was started and there has been time since it was worked on. Both of us are pretty clear on details, but there may be some small things we overlooked. Essentially, other than what was mentioned above, the turbo piping will need some completion. What is there is already sized and bent perfectly. The front end body parts will need to be installed. I have the original front bumper and hood, although the hood is not great. I do have a nice hood and rad support from a 1995 90q that goes with it in case you wish to convert it to later 90 specs, as I intended to do. The idle stabilizer will need to be
connected and minor routing of wiring in the engine compt. will need to be finished. The original battery box has been removed but has yet to be located to the trunk. I have a battery box kit that will make the job easier. I have a nice choice of headlmaps for you to pick from. I have the original OEM lamps that go with the car. I also have a set of original Hella Euro-spec lamps as well as a few sets of RS2 type projector lamps. Either of the upgraded lamps are available for a few extra $$$.

As for the car itself, it's an average-condition 90 20v quattro. The black paint is dull but there are relatively few dents. Some moldings are missing but i was planning on removing them anyway once the car was ready for new paint. The interior was pretty nice for it's age. The gray leather seats are very nice and the heat and power all work well up front. The DS seat does show normal bolster wear, but no tears. The rest of the interior is decent and complete and appears to have all the factory options. The suspension wasn't too bad, but i had planned a complete refeshing of most parts. There are currently 15" Borbett wheels installed. The Stebro exhaust was in good shape. When it was running in stock form, everything worked perfect. The sunroof was fine as was the power mirrors, window regulators, cruise control, trip computer, dash, lights, factory alarm, power door locks, climate control etc... The driveline was perfect with no unusual noises from the trans or diffs. In all, a
well cared for, solid foundation for this project. Currently the car is pretty dirty from sitting in a wharehouse for a year. 

Along with the car, engine and all the stock S4 parts, the following is included... a good hood and rad. support from a 95 90q, an extra rear differential and 5 speed trans from a 90 90 20v quattro, a set of original 20v wheels (i'll have to check that i have all four), a plate-type aftermarket oil cooler and stock oil cooler and I'm sure I'm missing a few things. It all goes!

i have taken quite a few pictures and will gladly forward them to you in zip file format if you wish. They are quality JPG's but i will send individually if you like. I thought long and hard about the price and have come to this conclusion. All told, with the purchase price of the car itself, engine, the stock parts and all the go-fast goodies, I have invested somewhere around $14k total. I'm not blind to the blatant fact there there is no hope for recovering even half of my investment. But since I work on these cars for a living everyday, it's not beyond me to part the whole thing out and simply stock the new parts I installed and Ebay the fast goodies, then part out the rest of the car. Being in this business, I'm confident I could get at least 1/2 my investment back. However, I would be wasting  hundreds of hours by a very professional person who rigged this car as he would an Indy car, and that wouldn't make me feel comfortable. The bottom line is this, $5500 for everything I
have except the RS2 turbo and exhaust manifold. Those I intend on installing on my S4. The stock turbo and EM are included in the sale and the RS2 intake manifold and water jacket also stays with the car. If by chance you really want the bigger turbo and EM, simply add the new cost of each ($3000 total) for a grand total of $8500, plus they are already installed for you. I intend to 'RS2' my UrS4 anyway, so why sell these parts cheap then just have to go out and buy them again anyway. All things considered, I think the person who ends up with this car will have a great head start on what will turn out to be a very quick ride, beginning with a quality installation to date and ending with not much money having been doled out. 

Currently the car is located at my friends wharehouse in Reading Pa. and is available to be inspected by appointment only, as I don't have access to the facility. He did say he'd be glad to speak with any potential buyers who would want to ask any questions I may not be able to answer. Because he's on the road all the time, we would have to set up a certain time to meet. Due to the location and difficulty arranging a viewing, please, only serious cash buyers. I may in the future have it moved, but for now i'd like to have it moved only once, to your home! Delivery is possible depending 

on terms and location. I need to have the car removed from it's current location before the cold months set it, so if there is little interest it may see a round of Ebay before being parted out. Hopefully someone continues the project from here.


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