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Sun Jun 19 12:21:55 EDT 2005

Section:  Cars
Title:    1993 Audi S4 - well cared for
Price:    10,000.00
Location: Stow, MA

Date:     June 19, 2005
Contact:  Mike Cialowicz
Email:    mcialowi at student.umass.edu
Phone:    978-314-5269


More photos: http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/users/24762.phtml

Every single photo I have ever taken of the car, as a directory listing (~150 mb worth of pictures):

Emerald/ecru. 157,184 miles.
2.2 liter I5 20v turbo.

Always changed oil with Mobil 1. 

TMTek 1+ Software, 4.0 BAR VMAP (set to 3.0), ECS Stage II Big Reds, Stromung 3" exhaust with test pipe (I have the cat section as well), H&R race springs/Koni adjustables (full firm), Bosch 110 Motorsport Bypass Valve, Samco Hoses, APR snub mount, cool air intake (I have the stock airbox too), A4 wheels, AvonTech M500s, H&R 12 mm wheel spacers front and 10 mm rear, VDO Boost and EGT gauges (A-pillar mounted), Stongard headlight guard, clear corners, Fumoto oil drain valve.

I've got snow tires for it as well, which would be included. Lots of tread left on those, and the Avon M500s are in good shape.

All maintenance:
-Battery (May 2003)
-Spark plugs (May 2003)
-Installed Samco Boost Hoses
-Timing belt, thermostat, tensioner roller, accessory belt, water pump, and power steering pump (March 2004, ~135k miles)
-APR snub mount (March 2004)
-Springs, 29771VA blue H&R race (Jan 2004)
-Front outer CV boots (Winter 2004)
-Shocks/struts and strut mounts, Koni Adjustable set to full firm (Summer 2004)
-Cone air filter, and custom intake (April 2004)
-Brakes: Porsche big reds with A8 rotors in front, rotors and pads in back, stainless steel lines all around, and ATE super blue fluid (Nov 2004)
-H&R 12 mm wheel spacers front, 10 mm rear
-Valve cover gasket, (Dec 2004)
-Oxygen sensor (Jan 2005, 151k miles)
-Spark plugs (Feb 2005, 152k miles)
-Fuel filter (Feb 2005, 152k miles)
-TMTek 1+ Chip, 4.0 BAR VMAP sensor, reinstalled stock wastegate spring (Feb 2005, 152k miles)
-Power steering dampner, Bosch Motorsport 110 bypass valve, Thermo-Tec fiberglass exhaust wrap, VDO EGT and Boost gauges mounted in A-pillar pod (March 05, 154k miles)
-AvonTech M500 tires, new right front tie rod end/ball joint, and alignment (April 12 2005, 155k miles)
-New clutch slave and master cylinder, replaced plastic coolant hose flange at back of engine block (May 1 2005, 156k miles)

Most recent Blackstone labs oil analyzation:
"Wear was excellent in the initial sample from this engine. The universal averages show typical
wear from this type of engine after about 6,300 miles on the oil. You ran this oil a little less than that
so we expected to see low wear and we think this is a good indication of normal wearing parts and
careful operation. The oil was free of any harmful fuel dilution or anti-freeze. The TBN was still strong
at 5.9, so the oil itself still has plenty of active additive left. 1.0 is low. Feel free to add 3,000-4,000
miles to this oil. We suspect all wear will still read close average."

Body condition:
The hood has a small dent in it on the right front side from the previous owner. It also has many little rock chips and dings in it, and an area of rust. The car could definitely use a new hood. There is also some minor rust right behind the front wheel wells. Other than that, the paint is good.

Overall, it's an incredible machine. I always get positive comments on it. I really love the car. I don't want to get rid of it, but I've gotten too many tickets in it and I'm really broke right now.


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