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Paul marketbot at audifans.com
Thu Apr 13 21:55:32 EDT 2006

Section:  Cars
Title:    1991 Audi 200 turbo
Price:    1,500.00
Location: Columbus Ohio

Date:     December 04, 2005
Contact:  Paul
Email:    madd001 at aol.com
Phone:    6147363298


I have a 1991 200 turbo with 159k miles I picked to fix for a friend, i fixed it... he backed out of buying it off me. I'll try and mention everything i can think of about this car however minor. 
I'm asking $1500 OBO, also willing to do partial trades for somethign i think in cool, could be anything :)

I've done a good amount of work on it, the suspension feels great, it must ahve been redone at some point, my 5000 doesnt ride anywhere near as well as this one. The trans was supposedly rebuilt, i dont have papers to back this statement up, but it shifts well and there is a non audi part numbered sticker under the hood regarding the trans, and it looks as though its has CV's replaced, so i'm betting it really did have the trans rebuilt at some point. We changed the headgasket, timing belt, waterpump and related parts mentioned below. I've shampooed the carpets and waxed it and it looks nice, tires are in great shape. The AC blows freezing cold and out the center vents even! Oil pressure is good 5bar cold 2 or so warm, all gauges are working. The leather is in good condition check out the pics. 

I bought it a few weeks ago with a bad head gasket, i've replaced that as well as numerous other parts as follows:

 new parts include on audi include:

fuel pump
battery (not brand new but not old)
head gasket
head bolts
water pump
valve cover gasket
radiator fan motor (i installed new bearings)
timing belt
alt belt
PS belt
A/C belt
exhaust gaskets
oxygen sensor
multi-function temp sender (behr type)
radiator water temp switch (used working one)
oil temp sender
oil pressure sender for ECU
upper and lower radiator hoses
coolant hose to turbo
idle stabilization valve
throttle body to intercooler hose.

I've probably forgot stuff i replaced also that was just off the top if my head list, but thats most of it.

Anyway the car only has a couple minor things worth mentioning that are wrong, the ignition has a button installed in dash to operate the starter, it still needs the key but it has botton start, this isnt really a problem but since its not original i figured it was worth mentioning. The headliner has some screw in clips to help attach the very rear of it. the oil pressure auto-check light goes off, the oil pressure gauge shows good pressure and it has a   new pressure sensor so i'm still working on figuring out how to quiet the autocheck. Bose stereo says 'security' or something, but i havnt figured out how to enter the code, i do have the code though.

I have a ton more pics, and could take pics of anything specific you'd want to see, just email me.


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