[Marketplace] Cars: 1991 200 Avant 20-valve

Roger M. Woodbury marketbot at audifans.com
Sat Feb 25 09:22:02 EST 2006

Section:  Cars
Title:    1991 200 Avant 20-valve
Price:    6,800.00
Location: Maine

Date:     December 02, 2005
Contact:  Roger M. Woodbury
Email:    rmwoodbury at adelphia.net


I may be at decision time for The Black Mariah.I bought this car very right, and have lavished on it all that it has needed to make it 100% mechanically perfect.  I am close to that now, and my original plan was to have the body restored when all the mechanical work was done. This car is my daily driver.  However, my wife is not comfortable traveling with me in the car because she cannot drive a stick shift.  "What happens if you have a heart attack while driving?  I can' tdrive this car!"  "Aw, honey, if you talk about my having a heart attack, I probably WILL have one!"  That argument gets me no where, other than sent to the garage without supper.  So, I need to think about a different vehicle for us to travel in together,a nd one that I can use as a daily driver.  My wife's 100CS Avant is NOT comfortable for me for some strange reason.  I guess I really do want another V8.

So, here's the Black Mariah.  She's panther black, with grey comfort interior.  The interior is in good...NOT great condition, and the exterior is in fair to good condition with some problems that would be easy fixes in the exterior restoration that I intended on doing.

Ah, but mechanically, she's nearly perfect.  All the work that I have had done has been done by a professional mechanic, and I have all the documentation to support it.  If you have read this far, then perhaps you are interested in the car, and I will be pleased to provide more detailed information, copies of work orders or whatever you wish to make the point.  Basically, all the maintenance items that most people just don't do on these cars have been done.  Most people get rid of these cars before the rear suspensin bushings get replaced, or the rear control arms, or even the driveshaft center bearing....all have been done in the last year and a half.  
Last summer the entire air conditioning system...compressor, receiver/dryer...all replaced.
The car has a special ECU...not sure from where as it came in the car and I haven't had time to open it up to see what it says.  But I can get 2.3-2.5 bar and the car "feels" like 300 horsepower.  
Work left to do?  Sure.  I'll be glad to go through it all with anyone who is still reading this and is still seriously interested.  How much?  I dunno.  I will NOT get what I have in this car out of it if I sell it, but I won't sell it unless I get what I think a mechanically decent example of this car should bring.  Right now I have no intention of just blowing it out, so eBay is not an option:  I can just use it as a daily driver, but we do have four vehicles in the yard so before another one arrives it would be nice for this to go to a new home.  I am thinking about pricing somewhere above $6800 for this car, but if there is NO response to this ad, I may just keep on driving it.  Any interest, drop me an email!  Let's chat. Oh, yes.  the car is in the shop as we speak having a new timing belt, a coolant leak elimiinated and a new alternator installed.  It'll be back late next week, and I can take some fresh pictures then.


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