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Title:    1987 Audi 5000 cs TQ/Euro 200
Price:    2,500.00
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ (South Jersey near Philly)

Date:     December 01, 2005
Contact:  Jim
Email:    audijim at audi5turbotech.com
Phone:    856.577.3132/856.482.1645


1987 Audi 5000cs TQ/Euro 200

My daily driver and long distance commuter for many years. 286,000 miles. Nearly all long distance highway miles. I had a gray market import 1984 Audi 200 Turbo and I combined the two cars. Top end rebuilt after 9/11/01 as preventative maintenance. I had to go to Atlanta, GA from Northern Virginia in order to keep my job with the airline at the time. I was then commuting from Atlanta and then Washington, DC to South Jersey until August of 2005. Many mods. MB UrQuattro hydraulic cam installed after the head was rebuilt. Mercedes Benz CIS fuel injectors. AAN wastegate cover (for adjustability), Powder coated valve cover, and timing covers and metal pipe from the airbox to the inlet hose for the turbo all in white. K26 rebuilt and modified by Majestic Turbo in Waco, Texas. Chipped ECU by Ned Ritchie/Intended Acceleration. High flow Catalytic Converter. Stainless Steel exhaust system from the CAT back. S4/S6 modified upper strut brace installed. Euro 200 front end, core support, Euro
bumper w/ headlamp washer, Euro headlamps. Blaufergnugen relayed headlamp wiring harness. S4 front sport seats installed, ecru color. Euro instrument cluster (water gauge in Celsius, fuel quantity in Liters, Auto check in German) Brakes new this past summer (front pads/rotors) Rear vented brakes from S4/S6/V8 Quattro. Brand new rear calipers. Stainless Steel brake lines. Beautifully refinished Fuchs rally wheels in Porsche Grand Prix White. I have refinished Gloss Black Fuchs on the car now, but I would like to keep them for my UrQ. Toyo Proxes TPT tires, lots of tread left on them. Rear Treser smoked Euro taillights/license plate reflector w/back up lights. Fuel pump new last year. Installed Euro 200 hood and trunk lid, both in white. Brand new A/C compressor, receiver/drier, orifice tube and evaporator installed this past Summer. Full R-12 refrigerant charge. Wiper arms installed from a 200 so they fold out for easy wiper blade replacement. Heater core new with in the two years.

-Complete rear subframe with rear diff and trailing arms and wheel bearing housing.
-Complete wiring harness (labeled) for the heated seats from an S4 that I never installed.
-Spare instrument clusters.(at least two, maybe more)
-Spare cylinder head.(possibly more than one)
-Spare cam(s)
-Spare MC Exhaust manifold.
-Wiring harness (labeled) for the side turn signals (yellow, just before the front doors) that I never installed.
-Euro rear tail lights and license plate reflector w/ back up lights in Red/Yellow (Euro OEM)
-2 front and 2 rear door skins with complete door handles/mechanism in White from a 1991 200. I was planning on switching the car to the flush door handles.
-2 front and 2 rear door/window frames from the Euro 200. I was going to mate these with the 200 door skins.
-Spare speakers and radio head units. I'll have to look to make sure what I have.
-Spare G60 front calipers, used.
-Spare Intercooler.
-Spare heated seat elements for 5000 seats.
-Spare radiator fan(s)
-92' S4 front springs. (stiffer)
-Spare Euro front bumper.
-2 Spare Euro front bumper lower spoilers.
-Boxes of parts-take it all!

The Good and Bad:
I was planning on painting the car Porsche Grand Prix White. The car sits now with a white hood and trunk lid, but the roof and fenders and quarter panels are Pearl effect white. It doesn't look bad, the car was at Carlyle last year. The clear coat was coming off pretty badly on the roof and the top edge of the fenders. I bought the car this way and was told it was acid rain paint damage. The way the clear coat was coming off, it looked a little like leopard spots. Almost all the clear coat is off of the roof at this time, just from washing the car over the years. The white doors from the 200 were to help with the prep work/repainting of the car for the door jams. The hood and trunk lid were for the same reason. The driver side door has an ever so slight dent on it right near the front jam. The new door skin will eliminate this. I bought the car with a sharp crease type dent right above the driver side right rear tail light. I pounded out the dent from inside the trunk the best I
could. The minor body work and paint prep would of course eliminate this. The head liner was sagging and I removed it. I replaced it with a headliner that was perfect from a 1989 100/200 but the holes for the grab handles are off a little bit. This headliner now sags in the typical place, at the back. It has a broken exhaust manifold stud and it is "ticking" all the time. It used to "tick" only when cold and then seal up once warmed up. I have a spare cylinder head for this along with a spare exhaust manifold. I have already installed Heli-coil tread inserts and new exhaust manifold studs on the spare head. The A/C system was completely replaced due to a seized compressor this last Summer. It has a full recharge of R-12, but now it needs a High or Low pressure switch (the only things I didn't replace) I stopped driving the car and the weather was not hot at the time, so I didn't worry about it. The radio works but it needs an antenna cable from the radio head unit to the power
antenna. The power antenna works fine. The stock radio works also. The car sits on refinished Fuchs Rally Wheels that are painted Gloss Black. I would like to remove the Toyo Tires and keep these wheels. I have another set of Fuchs wheels that I had refinished in Porsche Grand Prix White and they are beautiful. These wheels will go with the car along with the Toyo's. I would like to mount the Toyo's on other wheels (not the white Fuchs) they have never had tires mounted to them and I would hate to see them mounted with used tires just to get it to it's new home. Send me your 15" wheels and I will mount and balance them at no charge or I'll find a set of type 44 wheels for the car at cost, and still mount and balance at no charge. The S4 Sport Seats were installed last year. The interior is Black, but the front seats are Ecru. They are wired using the correct connectors from an S4 wiring harness for the seats. The only thing I didn't do is install the wiring harness for the heated
seats, that is included with this package. I installed rear springs from a 1992 S4 (stiffest spring rate of all the S4's) I have boxes upon boxes of parts for this car taken from parts cars in the past. They are all included with this car. Please e-mail me for pictures. I'm looking for $2500 for everything. I may separate and the price is very negotiable.


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