[Marketplace] Parts: Bag O' Rusty Lug Bolts Galore!

Mike Cialowicz marketbot at audifans.com
Sun Jul 30 23:08:08 EDT 2006

Section:  Parts
Title:    Bag O' Rusty Lug Bolts Galore!
Price:    0.00
Location: Amherst, MA

Date:     December 07, 2005
Contact:  Mike Cialowicz
Email:    cialowicz at gmail.com


What's that you say, trusty Audi aficionado? You want a bag o' rustly lug bolts, just like your friend down the street? Well, today's your lucky day my friend. Yes, you too can have a bag 'o rusty lug bolts! How!? I have one, and it's free!!!111!! (Z0MG!!!) How many are in the bag? I don't know. Why don't I check? I don't want to get my hands covered in rust on this Sunday night. If I had to guess, I would say that there are about 39 rusty lug bolts in the bag, and maybe some creepy spiders. I don't know.

While they're not the greatest for holding those hawt wheels on your car, they have many other uses. Some include: throwing at squirrels, throwing at people with iron deficiency anemia (they're a fantastic source of iron), and pwnz0ring n00bs.

Pick up only.


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