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Title:    Ralley Driver-Tester Wanted
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Location: Denver

Date:     December 06, 2005
Contact:  Mance
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              Off-Road/Ralley driver-tester wanted for new "Pro Series" strut mounts...

I need one or two pro/semi-pro off-road Audi drivers/testers for the Gen 2 Pro Off-Road/Ralley mounts w/inserts. Candidate will have a dedicated track car and not a street car that sees double-duty as a "weekend warrior" track car. Car should be a vintage Quattro "B" chassis car consisting of, tho not limited to; B3Q, CQ, UrQ or B4Q

Selected tester(s) shall be able to install these within a week of receipt and attempt to finish the race season on them. Overnight replacements available in the event of failure but... I bet ya cant!!

Pro-Series Mounts/Inserts have a machined aluminum thrust base that encapsulates the bottom of the mount insert and spreads the OEM mount inner sleeve compression over the full surface of the insert. Entirely new off-road specific urethane compound in an extra-thick casting thats vulcanized into the encapsulated aluminum thrust base. Entire insert with base is pressed into the blue-printed/sealed Boge mounts providing for extreme off-road duty even submerged and far superior suspension compression creating a superior OEM mount set-up that is light years ahead of anything "OEM" thats been done before.

However there are some rules to become the tester for these. I need someone that is able to install these withn a week of receipt. He also must be willing to finish the season out with them or kill these trying. Only front set provided initially but if they survive I'll give you a brand new front/rear set at the end of the year to race on next year in exchange for these back to conduct stress analysis on them.

My goal is to have you be competitive, win races and try to destroy these mounts without destroying your car. Wouldnt break my heart if you managed to run all season on a single pair of strut mounts either. And I've got a mighty strong hunch, as well as a history with lesser mounts that virtually assures me you can race an entire season with these and not destroy them. But hey, show me I'm wrong! And if ya do, not to worry... I'll make more!

Pics included to help visualize the components involved.


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